Two girls aged 4 and 6 were found dead Wednesday at their home in Relecq-Kerhuon, in Finistère.

According to the first elements of the investigation, the mother, currently hospitalized, would have attempted the lives of her children after the announcement of a breakup of the father.

Autopsies are planned in the coming days.

Two 4 and 6-year-old girls were found dead on Wednesday at their home in Relecq-Kerhuon, Finistère, and their mother was hospitalized, said Brest public prosecutor Camille Miansoni.

"I confirm the discovery of two young children, two girls, one born in 2015, the other in 2017 at their home," he said, confirming information from the Telegram.

He added that the mother had been hospitalized but that her life was "a priori not in danger". 

Towards "a family drama"

"The precise circumstances of these deaths are not clear at this time," said Camille Miansoni, indicating that an investigation had been opened. "We are moving towards a family drama", for his part assured the mayor of Relecq-Kerhuon Laurent Péron, present at the beginning of the afternoon in front of the small building where the tragedy would have taken place. "The father was on a business trip, he was not at home" at the time of the facts, he added, specifying that a psychological cell had been set up in the morning at the town hall of this town in the suburb of Brest. "The grandmother came to get her granddaughter but the door being closed, with the keys inside, she warned the firefighters," he detailed.

From a source close to the investigation, it would be a "drama of separation". The father "had announced the rupture to the mother and the latter, not having supported, would have attempted the life of her children before attempting to attack his", according to this source, who specified that a letter had been found at home. Autopsies of the two girls "will be carried out", according to the prosecutor, probably Thursday.