Korea's first baby panda 'Pubao' celebrated its first birthday today (20th).

Everland, operated by Samsung C&T Resort Group, celebrated Pubao's birthday by holding a ransom party at Panda World today.

Pubao, named 'a treasure that gives happiness', is the first baby panda in Korea, born on July 20, last year at Everland Panda World, and is loved by many for its cute appearance and adorable behavior.

Born with a body length of 16.5 cm and a weight of 197 g, Fu Bao now weighs about 40 kg, which is more than 200 times higher than when he was born.

In particular, recently, he has grown strong enough to easily climb to the top of a tree by himself, and he has started to taste bamboo and bamboo shoots in addition to mother's milk, which is the staple food.

Everland has set up a stone table at Panda World, and on top of that, 4 types of food are served: carrots (health), bamboo (longevity), apples (popularity), and pandas' bread, wotou (happiness).

As soon as the first birthday party started, Pubao came to Panda World, and when the famous panda grandfather, Cheolwon Keeper, held him and put it on the stone table, he smelled this and that, and in the end, he chose the round wotow bread.

The photo essay 'Baby Panda Pubao' was also released for the first time, a photo essay containing the story and photos of Pu Bao's growth over the past year.

An official from the Everland Zoo said, "The reason why Pubao is growing well is because of the devoted care of the breeders and the mother's love for nature, Ai Bao. “I expect to completely wean off the mother’s milk and use bamboo as the staple food,” he said.

(Photo=Courtesy of Everland, Yonhap News)