After taking up the challenge launched a few months ago by McFly and Carlito, Emmanuel Macron is doing it again.

Monday, July 19, he responded to a new challenge launched by an Internet user, Arkunir.

Two days earlier, the latter had indeed tweeted: "If EmmanuelMacron responds to this tweet I undertake to make a twitch stream where I cross the entire planet in street view on Google Maps (HAHZAHAHA it will take 25 to 30 hours and I am very serious) ”.

To which the President of the Republic replied "Banco".


- Emmanuel Macron (@EmmanuelMacron) July 19, 2021

100% of the money collected will be donated to an association

The young YouTuber will therefore carry out, live on the Twitch platform, a virtual world tour via Google Street View.

Starting from Paris, he will have to avoid Germany where the regulations concerning Google Street View are stricter.

It will then cross Russia to arrive at the city of Vanino from where it will then jump the Pacific to reach San Francisco.

After crossing the United States, he will arrive in New York.

This time it will jump the Atlantic to reach Brittany and return to Paris,




Arkunir has undertaken to donate all of the income generated by this live to an association whose name it has not yet given.

While he had been strongly criticized by his opponents when he took up the challenge of McFly and Carlito, Emmanuel Macron did not hesitate to respond to this new challenge.

One way to show that he is very comfortable with social networks.

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