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In May, there was an accident in Namyangju, Gyeonggi Province, where a woman in her 50s was bitten by a large dog and died. After two months, a man who was presumed to be the owner of the dog was arrested by the police.

A large dog that bit and killed a woman in her 50s in a mountain in Namyangju last May. Immediately after the accident, the police analyzed CCTV around the area and sent out a notice telling them to find the owner of the dog.

At that time, a man in his 60s, who was running an illegal dog farm nearby, was identified as the owner of the dog, and Mr. A denied it, saying it was an 'unknown dog', and since there was no clear evidence in the lie detector investigation, etc., he was excluded from the investigation.

However, through the police investigation and CCTV analysis around the accident site, it was confirmed that Mr. A had received an abandoned dog similar to the large dog that had an accident last year and is not currently raising it.

Experts have concluded that the two are identical.

However, it has been reported that A has stubbornly denied the allegations in the police investigation until now.

The bereaved family is demanding that Mr. A be severely punished if he is the owner of the dog.