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Miguel Bosé has returned to mess it up in networks. There is nothing new in his speech. The singer once again shows his denial about the coronavirus but, this time, the strange behavior he maintained during an act in Balaguer, in Lleida, together with the horticulturist Josep Pàmies, also a denialist, has drawn much attention, according to the program of




of the Telecinco chain. The hunger and the desire to eat were united.

"Misplaced and very lost

" can be read in the program's credit titles while Bosé's intervention was broadcast on the spot with previous images of his appearances on television.

Bosé gestures, rubs his hair, scratches his arm, gets up, sits down, looks at infinity, at the sky, etc.

A whole variety of nervous movements that follow one after another.

"What happens to Miguel Bosé?", Is the question that has happened in the messages on social networks about the singer.

Nor is it surprising that in this denialist act he met with Josep Pàmies, from the same cord, who said a year ago that the coronavirus is cured with bleach in an act in which hugs and kisses were lavished among his followers.

He was denounced by doctors and the Prosecutor's Office investigated his treatments against Covid.

Last April, the singer had the opportunity to explain his denial stance on Jordi Évole's program, in the second of the two installments of his interview.

In the first, he discussed his life, family and musical career.

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