The son-in-law of National Intelligence Service Director Park Ji-won is on trial for drug smuggling and drug use. Director Park's son-in-law denied the charges of smuggling, saying he did not know if drugs were in his luggage, but admitted that he used drugs after entering Korea.

Correspondent Hong Young-jae.

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trial, a man in his 40s leaves the court with his hat on.

This is Mr. A, the son-in-law of the National Intelligence Service Director Park Ji-won and the managing director of Samsung Electronics, who is accused of drug smuggling and drug use.

A is accused of secretly bringing in marijuana and ecstasy while entering Korea from Seattle, USA in May 2019.

However, at the trial held today (19th), Mr. A denied the charge of smuggling drugs.

In the process of returning home from living in the United States for 20 years, I was frantically packing my belongings, but my ex-colleague gave me a small black bag as a farewell gift, and it was said that there were drugs in it.

[A's attorney: There was no intentionality. (An acquaintance put drugs in a pouch and gave it to you? You didn't know that?) Yes. It's been 20 years since I packed my luggage without knowing it.]

Mr. A explained that he brought in without checking the contents of the bag. If he had known if there were drugs in it, he would have thrown it away so he wouldn't get caught at the airport security checkpoint.

However, it was revealed that Mr. A took drugs such as ecstasy twice after entering Korea.

Mr. A himself admitted to the drug use charge.

Samsung Electronics said that Mr. A had been fired.

(Video coverage: Yang Doo-won, video editing: Lee Seung-hee, CG: Jeong Hoe-yoon)