• Enjoying music, a movie or a game on a smartphone with two headsets or pairs of headphones simultaneously is not easy.

  • Few of the mobile device manufacturers offer this possibility, most like Oppo, OnePlus or Realme having no compatible device.

  • Solution: Bluetooth 5.2 which is starting to appear and which should fix the problem for good.

Listening to music for two from the same smartphone?

At the time of the generalization of mini-jack, everything was simpler.

The purchase of an adapter with double plug made it possible to connect two wired headphones.

Admittedly, the threads often ended up tangling, but one could share its sounds with two.

And get closer.

In 2015, Marshall, the company of rock amps, headphones and speakers, even had the good idea to launch the Marshall London, a smartphone dedicated to music and equipped with two headphone jacks.

With Bluetooth, it's another music ...

A pair of headphones for two

The smartphone manufacturers are forced to abandon the headphone jack, enjoying a


, a movie or a game with two headsets or two pairs of wireless headphones together from a single smartphone is becoming an obstacle course.

The ace !

Consequence: we never stop seeing in transport or in the street young people who share a pair of True Wireless headphones, one with the left earphone, the other with the right earphone in one ear.

Bravo for the stereo… and hello hygiene!

Apple has its solution

Oppo, OnePlus, or Realme that we interviewed do not have any smartphone model in their range that offers this dual listening feature. Huawei did not answer our questions. For its part, Apple has a homemade solution. Let’s immediately eliminate the use of adapters with dual Lightning plugs available on the market: they do not allow you to connect two pairs of wired Lightning headphones, but only one, the second plug of the adapter being used to connect a charger. . The trick that exists is to use… two iPhones!

In the control center of the iPhone called to play music, press the AirPlay button, then "Share audio".

Bring the second iPhone closer, then tap "Share Audio" on its screen when prompted.

This second iPhone can then connect to the first.

And the music played by the first can be listened to through the second iPhone which will serve as a transmitter with a second headset or a second pair of headphones.

A gas plant?

Yes !

Samsung pioneer

We have to listen to some Galaxy and Note smartphones at Samsung to find part of the solution to our problem.

From the Galaxy S8, the Dual Audio (Twin Audio) function enables wireless dual listening.

It can be found in the Settings of the smartphone, in the section Connections / Bluetooth.

It is now on all S, N, Fold and Flip series smartphones.

At Xiaomi also such a feature exists.

There, no complicated setting, just go to the Bluetooth settings and pair one after the other two pairs of headphones or two headsets.

Handling is only possible with the new Mi 11i and Mi11Ultra from the Chinese manufacturer.

Bluetooth 5.2 in the crosshairs

We verified this by pairing a Mi 11 Ultra consecutively with Jabra Elite 85t and Sennheiser CX True Wireless headphones which could be used simultaneously. Why such simplicity? The last cry of smartphones Xiaomi integrate the latest Bluetooth 5.2, which was unveiled at CES 2020 electronics knew salon With Bluetooth 5.2 arrives watermark Audio Bluetooth LE (BLE) by which a so-called broadcast


is allowed.

Thanks to BLE Audio, it thus becomes possible to address no longer one headset or a pair of headphones, but several.

The end of the game for the pair of headphones that we share with two seems already scheduled!

But even more, the fields of possibilities open with Bluetooth LE which will make it possible, for example, to broadcast information, music or advertisements on an unlimited number of headsets and earphones.

No doubt future applications in stores, stations or airports ...


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