A man who crossed the center line while driving in a drunken state in the middle of Seoul was arrested for refusing to take a breathalyzer test by the police.

The Seoul Gwangjin Police Station announced today (5th) that they are investigating a 48-year-old man A without detention on charges of refusing to take a breathalyzer under the Road Traffic Act.

Mr. A drove across the central line in front of an apartment in Jayang-dong, Gwangjin-gu around 8:20 on the evening of the 3rd.

Police dispatched to the scene after a report from another driver who felt threatened, ignored the request to stop several times, and drove another 800m.

After he managed to stop the vehicle, he refused the policeman's request to "get off" and did not get out of the vehicle.

It is said that Mr. A, who was arrested as a current criminal, refused to be measured even when he was taken to the police station.

A police official said, "I have not been able to investigate yet because I refused to measure while drunk." "I will call you soon."

He added, "It seems that we overlooked the fact that refusal to take a drink test is punished more severely than drunk driving.

Under the current law, if the offense of refusal to measure breath is recognized, the license will be revoked.

In addition, a fine of not less than 5 million won and not more than 20 million won or imprisonment may be imposed.

In particular, drunk driving is punishable by a maximum of 2 to 5 years in prison depending on the number of detections and blood alcohol level, but refusing to measure can result in 1 to 5 years in prison even for the first offense

A police official explained, "Drunk driving is recognized to some extent if there are certain degrees and circumstances, and there is a possibility that it may be punished, but non-compliance with measurement is not.

(Photo = provided by Yonhap News TV, Yonhap News)