The digital giants' voice assistants keep getting better and more functional.

Amazon recently added a new tool to Alexa to help children learn to read.

Entitled Reading Sidekick, this novelty works in a very simple way: the voice assistant simply listens to a child when he reads aloud, reports


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When the reading is complete, Alexa gives a debrief on how the text was read and gives tips for the child to improve.

"Reading Sidekick", designed to help with this #IA overlay the children to improve their diction while having fun, by reading physical or digital books with the assistance of # Alexa who will play here the role of a "virtual teacher »To perfect

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Echo Kids device required

This system imagined by Amazon developers is designed as a complement when learning to read.

It can in no way replace the role of parents and teachers during this very important phase of child development.

To benefit from this new tool capable of supporting and helping the child, parents must have Echo Kids, a specific accessory offered by Amazon.

The Kids + subscription provides access to many other fun and educational features.

One way like any other for Amazon to continue to compete with Google and its voice assistant.


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