Icheon Coupang Logistics Center evolution work has been going on for the fifth day.

It will probably take another day or so for the lights to go out completely.

The funeral service for the late Kim Dong-sik, who had a continuous tribute procession at the mortuary, will be held today (21st).

Correspondent Lee Hyun-young.


Smoke is still leaking from the charred building.

The fire department has been working on extinguishing the fire for the fifth day, including the dispatch of 25 firefighters from five groups of firefighters yesterday.

The authorities are planning to conduct a detailed safety examination to accurately determine the condition of the building around 10 am today.

In addition, it was investigated that the sprinkler operation was delayed by about 8 minutes at the time of the fire, and we plan to continue the investigation into the circumstances.

The funeral ceremony for the late Kim Dong-shik, who lost his life in the process of extinguishing the fire, will be held at 9:30 am today at the Gwangju Citizens' Gymnasium as the head of Gyeonggi Province.

The mortuary of General Kim was constantly visited by mourners.

[Song Seong-hwan / Gwangju Fire Department, Gyeonggi-do, Fire Patrol Team Leader: Eggs have a hard shell, but the inside is clear like water. That person is really a pure soul. You are such a good person, clear.]

Coupang mourned the dedication of Captain Kim and said that it would support the bereaved family for the rest of their lives.

It also promised to guarantee the employment of 1,700 employees who lost their jobs in the fire.

However, on the day of the fire, after the announcement of the resignation of Chairman Kim Beom-seok, the controversy over evasion of responsibility has arisen, and boycotts have been spreading online.

After the funeral, the remains of the deceased are buried at the Daejeon National Cemetery.