Evolution work continues for four days at the Coupang Logistics Center in Icheon, Gyeonggi-do.

A large fire was caught in the afternoon of yesterday (19th), and as the result of the first safety examination showed that firefighters could enter, firefighting work began inside the building from this morning.

Correspondent Kim Min-jung.


Clouds of smoke continue to flow from the building where the skeleton is partially exposed, and firefighters are constantly spraying water.

At the fire site of the Coupang Logistics Center in Icheon, Gyeonggi-do, firefighting work continues for the fourth day today.

Yesterday at around 12:20 pm, as a big fire was caught, the response stage was lowered to stage 1, mobilizing all the fire department personnel and equipment in charge, but the work to clean up the remaining fires in various parts of the distribution center continues.

As a result of the first safety diagnosis, the fire authorities concluded that it was okay for firefighters to enter the building, so they started firefighting from the second basement level, the ignition point, and are currently working to extinguish the fire to the first basement floor.

When the underground firefighting work is completed, the plan is to expand the firefighting area to all floors.

However, because there are so many flammable items inside the building, fire officials estimated that it would take more than a day to completely extinguish the fire on the second basement floor.

In addition, he said that he plans to conduct a detailed safety inspection tomorrow to accurately understand the condition of the building.

When the firefighting work is completely completed, the police, firefighting and related ministries plan to investigate the exact cause of the fire through a joint investigation.