It's hard to clearly describe the new BitClout platform.

In an article from June 17, the



presents it as a platform based on the principle of blockchain, halfway between a social network and a stock exchange.

In addition to being able to publish messages like on Facebook or Twitter, users can exchange “tokens”, or “designer tokens”, which are attached to personalities.

The value of each token being defined by "the position of the person in the company".

Thousands of profiles of stars, companies or football clubs are present on this platform.

And it is Elon Musk who is at the head of the most expensive token.

This one "is currently trading at 114 dollars, for a complete profile valued at 56,178 dollars", explain our colleagues.

Users can also exchange bitcoins for $ CLOUT, the platform's own cryptocurrency.

The latter has also been accessible on for a few days.

Millions of dollars in transactions every day

Launched in March, BitClout was only open to a few people at the time.

A special password made accessing and using the platform relatively difficult.

But it would gradually open and millions of dollars in transactions would be made daily, according to the company.

While some criticize it for being a dubious cryptocurrency, BitClout has still managed to attract large investors.

Likewise, some users have already made a fortune with $ CLOUT.

A Canadian student would have quickly made a small fortune of $ 1.7 million.

Personalities on the platform can also offer small rewards such as private messages or video calls.

What convince hesitant people.

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