▲ Memorial space for Son Jeong-min, who died of Han River college student

The police, who have been investigating the cause of the death of the late Son Jeong-min, who was found dead after disappearing at the Hangang Park, are considering holding a committee to review the case.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said that in relation to the death of Son Jeong-min, it is considering a plan to open a deliberation committee in accordance with the National Police Agency's law on handling the death of a deceased person and decide whether to conduct a reinforcement investigation or close the case.

According to the Rules of Handling Cases of Death and Death, for cases in which the identity of the deceased has not been confirmed, the bereaved family raises objections to the results of the investigation, and cases that are deemed necessary for deliberation, the chief of the police must hold a deliberation committee to decide whether to conduct a reinforcement investigation or end the investigation. .

The deliberation committee is composed of 3 to 4 police internal members and 1 to 2 external members, and forensic scientists and lawyers are in charge of the external members.

If the deliberation committee decides to close the case, the investigation will be completed. However, if the deliberation committee decides to re-investigate, the local police agency will re-deliberate after a period of up to one month's reinforcement investigation, and in the case of an objection raised by the bereaved family, the result of the deliberation shall be immediately explained to the bereaved family.

(Photo = Yonhap News)