A former child actor and equestrian who was charged with threatening an ex-girlfriend for distributing nude photos has been sentenced to probation in prison.

Incheon District Court's Bucheon Branch Criminal Division 1 (Chief Judge Eom Cheol) sentenced equestrian athlete A (28), who was indicted on charges of threatening to use filmed materials, etc. under the Act on Special Cases concerning the Punishment of Sexual Violence Crimes, at the sentencing hearing today (18th) for 2 years was sentenced to three years probation.

He also ordered A to take a 40-hour sexual assault treatment course.

The court said, "The defendant filmed and threatened other people, and committed blackmail, fraud, habitual gambling, and assault." The accused should be severely punished.”

However, he explained the reason for the sentencing, saying, "We agreed with the victim and considered the fact that he did not want to be punished and that he was a first-time offender."

Earlier, at the decision hearing held on the 14th of last month, the prosecution requested a three-year prison sentence for the remaining crimes of Mr. A, saying, "Please dismiss the charges of intimidation and creating anxiety under the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection." .

At the time of his arrest in February, a total of seven charges were applied to A, including intimidation, attempted blackmail, fraud, and habitual gambling.

Person A was arrested and indicted on charges of threatening her ex-lover B about 70 times, saying that she would distribute nude photos and videos taken in the past from December last year to January this year.

It is known that he secretly filmed Mr. B's naked body with his cell phone in a motel when he had a relationship with him for a while last year.

In a complaint filed with the police earlier, Mr. B said, "Mr. A threatened to pay 100 million won for each (naked) video." He said, "He came near the house, honked the car horn, and sent a threatening text message mentioning his family." claimed.

He also added that Mr. A borrowed 140 million won in the name of purchase costs, feed costs, and traffic accident settlement money from the end of July to December last year and intercepted it without paying it back.

Mr. A is also accused of gambling 'baccarat' on the Internet by betting 4,25 billion won over 1,300 times over 5 years from October 2016 to February this year.

Mr. A, who worked as a child actor in the past, became an equestrian and then played an active part in international competitions such as the Asian Games.

(Photo = Yonhap News)