Police and fire departments believe that the fire started with sparks from an electrical outlet on the second basement floor. As items piled up on the warehouse shelves poured into the embers, the flames thought to have been caught rekindled.

Next is reporter Kim Sang-min.


Police and fire departments are considering the cause of the fire as an electrical factor.

The police secured CCTV footage of sparks from an outlet installed on a shelf on the second floor of the building.

It was confirmed that there were several outlets on the shelf, and there were also many fans.

[Police in charge: (Shelf) All the outlets are on it. It's all done in all the connected cells like this. There's smoke and sparks... .] The

fire, which started around 5:30 in the morning, seemed to be extinguished soon.

At around 8:20 a.m., the fire department issued a 'first visit' and lifted the alarm.

[Park Soo-jong / Director of Disaster Prevention Division, Icheon Fire Station, Gyeonggi: 'First visit' does not mean that the fire is completely extinguished, but it prevents the spread of combustion and the fire is confirmed and the fire is limited (it is issued.)]

But three and a half hours Flames erupted again from the second basement floor, which caught fire in the bay.

Authorities explain that flammable parcels piled up on a three-tiered shelf spilled onto the embers and suddenly spread.

An emergency evacuation order was issued to the firefighters who were cleaning up residual fires on the second basement floor.

Among the firefighters who came to support from the neighboring area, Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do, the 52-year-old rescuer, Kim Mo, could not get out.

[Park Soo-jong / Director of Disaster Prevention Division, Icheon Fire Station, Gyeonggi: One person is isolated and cannot escape and is still searching. However, as you can see, this fire is still spreading, so it might be difficult to search for it.] The

fire department is expecting the building to be destroyed, but after the fire has been caught to some extent, the search operation will continue.

(Video coverage: Hong Jong-su, Kim Yong-woo, Video editing: Kim Jun-hee)