The banker received a letter of appreciation for preventing the damage of voice phishing by asking the source of a customer who went to a bank teller and asked to retrieve the old money in cash.

The Gangdong Police Station in Seoul announced today (17th) that it delivered a letter of appreciation to Jin Sa-rang, the head of the Myeongil-dong branch of Woori Bank, who had doubts and showed his wits in the course of daily work.

Director Jin had suspicions when a middle-aged man who visited the bank window at around 4 pm on the 10th asked for "withdraw 24.5 million won in cash."

Then, we asked the man what his purpose was, and found out that the man had borrowed the same amount from the same loan company on the same day.

The man who was deceived by the saying, "If you borrow money from a bank and bring it in cash, will receive government support and re-loan at a low interest rate of 2%," did not know that he had been exposed to a voice phishing crime.

The Gangdong Police Station in Seoul reported that Director Jin stopped the man and reported the damage to the police.

Kang Sang-gil, head of Gangdong Police Station, said, "It is important that the role of those in charge of actively reporting a voice phishing crime that is difficult to recover once damage has occurred, is important."