Twitter has ordered Willem Engel to delete his tweet about Christian Eriksen.

In it, he stated that the Danish footballer went into cardiac arrest because he was vaccinated against the corona virus.

The Virus Truth foreman's account was also temporarily suspended.

Eriksen collapsed on Saturday during his country's European Championship match and was resuscitated on the field.

Engel suggested that this had to do with vaccinations and called for the injections to be stopped.

Twitter announced in a statement on Tuesday that it is not allowed to post incorrect messages about vaccinations.

According to the platform, these are "debunked claims about the adverse effects of vaccinations" and "false claims that give the impression that vaccines are used to intentionally cause harm".

If Engel goes wrong more often, it could lead to his account being permanently blocked.

It is not known how long the suspension will last, but Engel has not posted any new tweets since then.

His old tweets are visible.

Eriksen's employer, the Italian football club Internazionale, also announced that the Dane has not been vaccinated against the corona virus.

Eriksen himself reported on Instagram that he is doing well under the circumstances.