The court in The Hague decided on Tuesday not to consider a possible ban on 5G.

The Stop5GNL Foundation had filed a case with the civil court for this, but according to the court of appeal, the case should be heard by an administrative judge.

The Stop5GNL Foundation wants to protect residents of the Netherlands against alleged health risks.

In their eyes, they arise as a result of electromagnetic fields used for mobile communications and in particular 5G.

The foundation started proceedings against the State to obtain a ban on 5G.

The foundation believes, among other things, that the government has insufficiently investigated the health risks.

However, according to the national government, the radiation value is far below the level at which, according to experts, damage to the body can occur.

The preliminary relief judge had previously rejected the foundation's claims.

The foundation then appealed, but the court finds that the organization should go to the administrative court.