On the occasion of E3, a major global tech meeting which takes place from June 12 to 15, the Square-Enix studio announced the release of the first six video games of the “Final Fantasy” saga.

For all games, this will be a “Pixel Remaster” version.

The opuses were initially released on the NES and Super NES consoles.

The release will not be made in the form of a box and each video game can be purchased separately, says



Little has filtered out about this comeback so far, except that the games will be available on PC, iOS and Android.

Presenting the ultimate 2D remasters of the first six @FinalFantasy games, as the FINAL FANTASY PIXEL REMASTER series.

Coming soon to Steam and Mobile!

https://t.co/Prq6bnMI8q pic.twitter.com/XBsNUEhtDR

- Square Enix (@SquareEnix) June 13, 2021

"Dust-free" games

You will have to go through Steam on your computer and through the application stores on your smartphone to get them.

The mention "Pixel Remaster" indicates that the original graphics will be preserved but that the games will be "dusted" in terms of aesthetics and, surely, speed.

The first opus of “Final Fantasy” dates from 1987. We are therefore far from the Ultra HD image offered by “Final Fantasy XV”.

The commercialization will be progressive and will begin with the first part of the saga.

No launch date has been communicated by Square-Enix for the moment.


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