In connection with the collapse of the demolished building in Gwangju, which killed 17 people, the police secured a statement that they were working with an excavator into the interior of the building.

According to the investigation headquarters in charge of the Gwangju Police Agency on the 14th, Mr. A, the representative of a subcontracting company and an excavator driver, said, "I put the excavator on the pile of dirt next to the building and worked, but the excavator arm did not reach the height of the 5th floor, so the excavator entered the building. entered," he said.

Person A said, "The excavator fell as the pile of dirt being demolished collapsed on top of the pile of dirt inside the building." "After that, the building collapsed."

This is a statement that supports the report of residents that the demolition plan has not been carried out sequentially from the upper floor to the previous floor according to the dismantling plan on the day of the accident.

The police are investigating both the possibility that an accident occurred due to a pile of dirt that was not removed in time as stated by Mr. A, and the possibility that the building failed to maintain balance and collapsed while shredding with an excavator.

We are also confirming statements that the construction company connected the pile of dirt and the building with a wire on the 8th, the day before the accident, and continued the demolition work without taking action even though the wire was cut on the day of the accident.

We are also investigating about 10 workers and officials in charge at the site at the time of the accident.

At the site, there were the site manager and workers belonging to the construction company, the excavator driver who was the representative of the construction company, and two signalers, and there was no supervisor to supervise the safety.