<Anchor> The number of

new COVID-19 cases has fallen below 400 for the first time in 77 days. With the primary vaccination rate recorded at 23%, Janssen vaccination begins today (14th) for island residents who do not have medical institutions.

First news, reporter Kim Yong-tae.

<Reporter> The number of

new confirmed cases of COVID-19 has fallen below 400 for the first time in 77 days since the end of March.

This is a decrease of 50 people from the previous day.

The proportion of patients in the metropolitan area, including 120 in Seoul, was 68%.

As the number of confirmed cases announced on Monday tends to decrease due to weekends and holidays, it is still too early to judge that the spread has stopped.

About 27,000 people were vaccinated for the first time yesterday, a holiday, and the number of cumulative first doses increased to 11.83 million.

The immunization rate for the population is 23%. 5.9% of 3 million people have completed vaccination.

From today, the target of vaccination is further expanded.

First of all, Janssen vaccination will be started for people over the age of 30 in island areas where there is no medical institution.

The Navy plans to inoculate about 600 islanders by the 30th using the Hansando ship designated as a temporary inoculation center.

Starting tomorrow, Pfizer vaccination will begin for those under the age of 30 who were previously eligible for the AstraZeneca vaccine, but were excluded due to concerns about rare thrombosis.

Recipients include essential social workers such as police and firefighters, and health care workers.

The government anticipates that up to 14 million people will be vaccinated this week, exceeding the 13 million primary goal of the first half of this week.