Voice phishing crimes are still on the rise, and methods to avoid police pursuits are becoming more sophisticated.

There was also a group of people who carried a machine that tampered with caller IDs in their cars and carried out fraudulent activities.

Reporter Min-wook Kim of KNN reports.


Police chase a van that is fleeing.

A so-called 'repeater' that can manipulate the caller number is loaded in the captured fugitive vehicle.

The voice phishing crew has changed the number to 010 to avoid the fact that 070 internet calls from Chinese call centers are not well answered.

As the repeater mounted on the vehicle moved in real time, the base station kept changing, making it difficult to track.

[Kim Jae-han / Busan Police Agency Financial Fraud Investigation Team Leader: I rented a motel, gosiwon, studio, etc. .]

24 people, including Mr. A, who manages the voice phishing repeater, impersonated the investigation agency in this way and took about 7 billion won in 2 years and 5 months.

There are over 300 victims.

A woman in her 50s was deceived by voice phishing impersonating a prosecutor and lost up to 700 million won in mortgage loans.

Most of them have been deceived by text messages stating that money has been withdrawn from their accounts.

[Voice phishing victim (90 million won damage): I got a text message saying that the 484,000 won payment was completed. When I called, they said

they would

connect with the National Police Agency's Cyber ​​Investigation Unit.] The

police arrested 24 people, including a repeater manager A and a call center organization agent, on charges of fraud, while pursuing 9 people who are wanted.

(Video coverage: Park Young-jun KNN, CG: Choi Hee-yeon KNN, screen provided: Busan National Police Agency)