Invenergy, a multinational energy company, was the victim of a cyber attack on Friday.

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The Russian hacker group REvil claims the attack, claiming that it stole 4 terabytes of 'sensitive data'.

Invenergy itself does not say who is behind the attack.

The energy company reports that it is investigating the 'unauthorized access in its systems'.

According to Invenergy, the works did not suffer from the attack.

In addition, the company says that the cyber criminals did not encrypt data.

Invenergy says it won't pay ransom.

REvil is the same hacker group behind the attack on meat processor JBS.

The company was hit by a major cyber attack in early June, which the company said targeted American computer servers.

The meat processor shut down much of its computer networks, shutting down parts of meat processing in North America and Australia.

JBS paid about 9 million euros in ransom.

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The Wall Street Journal

, the hackers were paid with the cryptocurrency bitcoin.