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than 1 in 4 houses in Korea have pets.

As a result, medical disputes have increased.

However, in the case of animals, it is not easy to check even medical records.

After receiving the medical records after the lawsuit, let's hear the story that there were records of over 170 treatments a day.

Reporter Hyeon-Jeong Lee reported.


[June 1, last year, 8 News: After being admitted to the veterinary hospital, the leg was amputated, and a medical dispute between the hospital and the guardian continues.]

A year has passed since the report was published, but Mr. A is still fighting veterinary hospitals.

Unlike humans, hospitals are not obligated to submit medical records for companion animals, so they were only able to receive them after a lawsuit.

[Mr. A/Guardian of 'Coco': They submitted everything for 6 or 7 months at once.

I wrote it like a diary, as if I had written it all at once.] The

medical records


received after half a year showed that


had physical therapy and various treatments up to 170 times a day, and there were a few suspicious things.

The hospital even claimed an additional 30 million won based on this information.

[Mr. A/Guardian of 'Coco': (some of them) gave out handwritten medical records. We don't know if it was written in real time or if it was accurate.]

Mr. B was sued for defamation by the hospital after writing an article claiming a medical accident on SNS, but was recently acquitted.

[Mr. B/Guardian of 'Manboki': The size of the hospital itself and the number of branches are too many, so we posted this to prevent other victims, but I think we've gotten all the possible charges. I was criminally sued for defamation and insult, and I also received an application for injunction prohibiting business obstruction.]

Rather, the hospital was punished for leaking Mr. B's husband's personal information during the quarrel.

[Mr. B/Guardian of 'Manboki': Our dog is half paralyzed, so we have to take care of him 24 hours a day. The warden comes in several times a week, calls from the police station, and I have to go to the courthouse. In those few months, I lost more than 6 kg of weight.]

Jinwoo Jeong, who had an accident in which his dog who underwent eye surgery last year died.

[Jeong Jin-woo/'Guo' Guardian: (Puppy) suddenly stopped breathing (the veterinarian) said, 'Why are you doing this, why are you doing this?' I pulled out my tongue once, and then someone suddenly came in and the veterinarian I was in charge of before that time disappeared.] In

the process of protesting, I was even sued for special assault.

[Jeong Jin-woo/Guardian of 'Guo': I will sign (agree on first aid), so I grabbed a ballpoint pen to ask him to go (to the dog) quickly. It is said that I used tangible force to stab my face with the thing holding the ballpoint pen.]

Under the current law, pets are viewed as similar to objects and are not held liable even if they die or injure them.

Also, unlike the Medical Act, the Veterinary Act does not impose an obligation to submit medical records when a medical accident occurs.

Pet owners are making a national petition to rectify these institutional loopholes.

(Video coverage: Choi Dae-woong, Kim Yong-woo, video editing: So Ji-hye)