Archbishop Yoo Heung-sik has been appointed as the Minister of the Vatican. It's a bit unfamiliar as it's the first time for a Korean, but the possibility of another cardinal has increased. Archbishop Yu also expressed his desire to arrange a visit by the Pope to North Korea.

Correspondent Kwon Ji-yoon.


Pope Francis has announced that he has appointed Archbishop Yoo Heung-sik as Minister of the Vatican.

For the first time in the 237-year history of the Catholic Church in Korea, a Korean Vatican Minister was born.

With a history of 500 years, the Congregation for the Clergy is one of the nine surnames of the Holy See, and it is the department that manages all matters related to the clergy, including supervision and support of the pastoral activities of priests and deacons around the world.

Archbishop Heung-sik Yoo, who uses the Bible verse “I am the light of the world” as his pastoral motto, was born in Nonsan, Chungcheongnam-do, studied theology in Rome, and was ordained a priest in 1979. He has served as the Archbishop of Daejeon since 2005.

Archbishop Yoo Heung-sik expressed his determination to help and train priests in the future and also expressed his will to promote the Pope's visit to North Korea.

[Yuheungsik Archbishop / Vatican Congregation for the Clergy Minister: If I think if you say the Pope who invited North Korea would be able to benefit as a great big North Korea]

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Another Korean cardinal is expected to be appointed as the minister.

This is because the ministers of the Vatican are usually classified as cardinals, and all of the past ministers of the Congregation for the Clergy have served as cardinals.

Since the death of Cardinal Jeong Jin-seok in April, there is currently only one Korean cardinal left, Cardinal Su-jeong Yeom, the Archbishop of Seoul.

(Video coverage: Kim Yong-woo, Hwang Yun-seong TJB, video editing: Park Jin-hoon)