A little lightness in a very tense campaign ... Already daily adversaries in the hemicycle, the deputies Ugo Bernalicis (LFI) and Denis Masséglia (LREM) have decided to compete in another arena.

The parliamentarian of rebellious France and that of the Republic on the march will challenge each other on Monday June 14 on “League of Legends”, an online video game where several players oppose each other on a battlefield.

The two deputies announced this improbable match on Twitter, with a lot of fixtures.

"We do not solve that with slaps, but with a good old 'League of Legends'", tweeted Ugo Bernalicis in response to Denis Masséglia.

"They challenge me, I answer with keyboard strokes and a mouse!"

My team is getting ready for the #PoliKick show ”, the deputy LREM had announced a few hours earlier, going so far as to provoke his future opponent:“ @Ugobernalicis, you are not ready for Monday… ”

They challenge me, I answer with keystrokes and a mouse!

My team is getting ready for the #PoliKick show: muscular training #LeagueOfLegends from 8pm tonight on my Twitch channel 👉 https://t.co/oZM0GRrf1S@Ugobernalicis, you are not ready for Monday ... pic.twitter. com / AmIhQHiCXH

- Denis Masséglia (@denis_Masseglia) June 10, 2021

"Les Carapateurs en commun" by Ugo Bernalicis

The fight will be broadcast this Monday at 8 p.m. on the Twitch channel of Jean Massiet, a streamer specializing in politics and video games, and will be hosted by YouTuber GobGG.

Each deputy will have his own team, with several other players whose identity has not yet been revealed: that of Ugo Bernalicis will be called the “Carapateurs en commun”, in reference to a video game monster.

Ugo Bernalicis and Denis Masséglia are not novices, they are both members of the study group on video games at the National Assembly.

They each have their own Twitch channel and know each other well since they have already played together for Jean Massiet during the ZEvent, a charity event that brings together streamers to collect donations for associations.

🔥This Monday June 14 at 8 p.m., I will meet you.

😅 # Teasing #PoliKick https://t.co/cViwid77Ub pic.twitter.com/4Z3OHdcp3o

- Ugo Bernalicis φ (@Ugobernalicis) June 10, 2021

With this unlikely challenge on Twitch, the two parliamentarians are trying to seduce the young electorate, one week before the regional and departmental elections ...

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