Turnaround in the case of the robbery of the Milleis bank.

Five people, suspected of having participated in the commando or of having helped it were arrested on Monday, then indicted on Friday.

Back on one of the most surprising attacks on a bank, in broad daylight, on the Champs-Elysées in Paris. 

Earlier this week, five suspects were arrested and then indicted in the Milleis bank case, according to LCI.

Two years earlier, this robbery had caused a stir.

And for good reason: this agency located on the Champs-Elysées in Paris had been attacked in the middle of the day.

About sixty safes had been robbed.

A spectacular robbery

The investigators quickly understood that they were dealing with professionals: all the individuals arrested are linked to the world of organized crime.

They would have been part of the commando or would have helped him.

The youngest is 39 years old.

The oldest, 57.

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On January 22, 2019, four hooded, gloved and armed men entered the Milleis bank branch.

The bandits kidnap the director by putting an explosive belt on him and deactivate all the alarm systems.

To avoid being disturbed, they hang a sign at the entrance of the bank on which it is written: "Exceptional closure, following technical problems". 

A booty that amounts to several million euros

In the basement, they succeed in breaking through about sixty safes.

They steal money, jewelry and gold.

Then, the commando leaves quietly on foot after having conscientiously cleaned everything with bleach.

Several million euros were thus stolen.

About twenty clients had lodged a complaint.

After a few months of a discreet investigation, the investigators began to trace the suspects "thanks, among other things, to meticulous telephone work and scientific samples", indicates LCI. The European anti-crime agency, Europol, also participated in this extraordinary hunt: some suspects have assets in countries other than France.