The shocking images have gone viral.

Many users of TikTok, the popular platform for young people,

have alerted in recent days to the broadcast of a violent video in which a person is beheaded.

Several reports were made last weekend, many Internet users indignant that such images can circulate on the platform.

“A video of a person being beheaded turns all over the networks so if you see the beginning of a TikTok of a kid with white shorts and a black top, don't watch it !!!

», Notably alerted an Internet user.

The social network claims to have removed this montage from its platform on Monday, June 7, but the video continues to circulate today on other channels, including Snapchat and WhatsApp.

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there is a video circulating on tik tok in which we see a young girl start a random choreography then suddenly there are absolutely abominable images.

I ran into it and I was really traumatized.

Please pay attention!

- Ness 🎸 (@Nessjmn) June 6, 2021

A montage that makes believe in the beheading of a teenager

This beheading video would be a montage, made up of two different sequences. We first see a young girl with long dark hair, dressed in white shorts and a black top dancing, whose username is "mayengg03", who is looking at the camera against a background of music. Then a few seconds later, the shot suddenly changes, and we then see a person curled up in the corner of a room, wearing a black t-shirt, having his throat slit by two individuals.

"The original video was quickly deleted," said the TikTok platform, indicating that the second part of the footage came from another site. "It was integrated into a video and then transferred to TikTok", thus making it appear that it is the young girl in the first sequence who was beheaded, said a spokesperson for the social network. According to CheckNews, the images in the second part of this video actually correspond to a settling of scores that took place in 2019 in Mexico.

This unsustainable video is still visible today on several sites.

The Academy of Dijon (Côte-d'Or) on Thursday alerted all of its establishments and parents' associations to the potential exposure of middle school and high school students to these images.

“It's a viral video that is circulating very quickly.

It is complicated to contain it (…) It is a very violent and very shocking content likely to offend or even traumatize the students, ”explained the rectorate of Dijon, who also reported the video on Thursday to the Pharos platform.

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