The High Commissioner's Crime Investigation Office (Public Investigation Office) has started an investigation into the case in which the prosecutors involved in the 'L-City Investigation' were accused

The Ministry of Airborne Affairs recently notified the Busan Participation Solidarity that 11 people including Yoon Dae-jin, Planning Department Director of the Judicial Research and Training Institute, and Lim Gwan-hyuk, a prosecutor at the Gwangju High Prosecutors' Office, and the deputy chief and chief prosecutor, whose names are not clear, were arrested and started an investigation.

In March, the Busan Participation Solidarity raised suspicions of the 'L-City Investigation' and reported the investigation prosecutors and commanders who participated in the investigation to the Airborne Service for abuse of power and neglect of duties.

Previously, the Busan District Prosecutors' Office and other prosecutors had been investigating allegations of lobbying for political relations related to corruption in the L-city project since 2016, but only Hyun Ki-hwan, former senior presidential secretary for political affairs, and Bae Deok-kwang, a member of the Liberty Korea Party at the time, were brought to trial.

The anti-corruption and economic crime investigation team of the Busan Metropolitan Police Agency has also received a complaint regarding the 'L-City Preferential Sales List' and is conducting an investigation since March of this year.

Because of this, it seems likely that the Airborne Service will soon decide whether or not to take over the relevant investigation data from the police.