Former Justice Minister Cho Kuk and his wife Jeong Kyung-shim, a professor at Dongyang University, stood side by side in court. Both of them denied the allegations of corruption in the children's entrance exam, but the prosecution pointed out that a false career was created during the time of forgery compared to the time of the motherland, a book recently published by former Minister Cho.

Reporter Ahn Hee-jae reports.


Former Minister of Justice Cho Kuk, who is accused of ignoring the Blue House inspection of former Busan Deputy Mayor Yoo


soo and corruption in children's entrance exams, has appeared in court for the first time in half a year.

Before attending, he uploaded a Beatles song about his feelings on social media, but the court kept his words.

[Chorus / Former Minister of Justice: I will face the trial with a more humble attitude. I will faithfully explain. Thank you.]

Professor Kyung-shim Jeong, who was sentenced to prison in the first trial and is in custody, also appeared in court.

The two people who stood together in court for the first time as defendants looked at the prosecution's data together and even had several conversations throughout the trial.

Prosecutors pointed out that a false career was created in the 'time of forgery', saying that the former minister and wife played roles and led the children's entrance exam corruption.

It is interpreted as comparing the time of the motherland, a book recently published by former Minister Cho.

In response, the defense attorney said, "The prosecution has defined it as a case that shakes the fairness of society with words such as 'the dream of the Gangnam building' and 'the inheritance of wealth'."I want a calm trial in the courts.”

In particular, he insisted that the allegation that his son, a victim of school violence, had difficulties adjusting to studying abroad, only provided some help, and that he made a false internship record was also not true.

The accused strongly objected to the prosecution's request to adopt the children of former Minister Cho Kuk as court witnesses, but the court accepts this, and the entire family of former Minister Cho is expected to stand in court.

(Video coverage: Seo Jin-ho, Video editing: Park Jin-hoon)