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police have obtained a statement that the excavator carried out demolition work inside the building before the building collapsed. In the building, the support necessary for the demolition work was not installed, and it seems that the building collapsed as the floor sank without being able to withstand the weight of the excavator.

This is the exclusive report by reporter Han So-hee.

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you look at the photo of the site before the collapse of the building, you can see the excavator climbing up the three-story pile of dirt and tearing the building down.

But after that, things were different.

It was confirmed that the police had obtained a statement from a construction official that an excavator went into the building just before the collapse and worked.

The 30-ton excavator tried to demolish it one after the other from the top floor, but when the excavator's arm did not reach the fifth floor, he went inside the building and tried to tear the ceiling.

In the process, police believe that the floor could not withstand the weight of the excavator and fell down, leading to the collapse of the entire building.

[Police official: (The excavator is small) It can't reach it. On the upper floors up to the 5th floor. So you go inside and rip the stomach off. Because the ground was weak, it could not bear the load and the excavator collapsed and the pressure was shifted to the side.]

Supports were needed to stably support the weight of the demolished structure, but the supports were not installed.

The police are checking the specific facts of how many floors the excavator entered the building.

[Nearby demolition company officials: It's dangerous. I don't know when I'll pass... . (Do you use the (go inside and demolish) method?) I do. Because, in terms of expenses, there are some differences... .]

A lawyer for the excavator driver arrested said that they did not use a smaller excavator than usual, but could not reveal why they went inside the building and worked.

(Video coverage: Kim Yong-woo, video editing: Park Ki-duk, CG: Seo Seung-hyun)