In the midst of this, it is known that the police checked whether there was an illegal subcontract during the demolition process. In particular, we also caught the situation where a company operated by a contractor called 'the king of demolition' was involved in this demolition work.

This is an exclusive report by KBC reporter Junho Lee.

<Reporter> The

police, who are investigating the building collapse accident, have additionally booked three people related to the construction company, Hyundai Development Company.

The police believe that Hansol Corporation, which signed a formal contract with the construction company, signed an illegal subcontract contract with another company, Backsol Construction, and entrusted the demolition work.

[Park Bo-jeong / Gwangju Police Agency Investigation Department: (Subcontractor's) demolition equipment was also mobilized. Manpower was also mobilized.] This is in

direct opposition to the contractor's claim that there was no subcontracting.

[Kwon Soon-ho/CEO of Hyundai Development Company (Yesterday): I have never signed a subcontract (contract). It may be against the law... .]

However, as a result of KBC coverage, it was discovered that one additional company was involved in illegal subcontracting.

The company is Seoul-based company D, which was run by Mr. Lee, who was in charge of major demolition projects nationwide from the late 1990s to the early 2010s, called the so-called 'demolition king'.

Lee, who was notorious for redevelopment and reconstruction projects that mobilized various illegal and violent groups, was imprisoned in 2013 on charges of embezzlement and breach of trust.

The police are looking into the possibility that Company D may have signed a backside contract and participated in the demolition work, such as sharing a stake with Hansol Corporation, which had a formal contract with the construction company.

In particular, it is known that a company D official has secured a statement that he has given a work order on the spot, and is believed to have been involved in the subcontracting process.

[Police official: (Company D) actually took a stake and participated in the redevelopment project, but the investigation department is handling it now.]

Company D revealed to the reporters that it is groundless.

(Video coverage: Kim Young-hwi KBC, Jang Chang-geon KBC)

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