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gang of tens of millions of won by deceiving self-employed people who are already struggling in the era of Corona has been caught by the police.

I went around the country, bought only expired products at the mart, ate them, and threatened to get an upset stomach.

This is an exclusive report by TJB reporter Jo Hye-won.


A man turns over each product in the ramen section of a mart and examines it.

Men and men who are constantly looking around the mart to see if there are any suitable products are what they are looking for is 'out-of-date products'.

After choosing and purchasing instant food and dairy products, I went back to the mart the next day with empty containers and receipts.

He claimed that he had an upset stomach after eating expired products and demanded 3 million won for treatment.

The owners threatened to report it to the ward office if they didn't pay, but the owners who were concerned about paying a fine of tens of thousands of won or a week's suspension of business gave the money in a way of crying and eating mustard.

[Kim Deok-yeol / Damage Mart Manager: (The fine) is about 20 to 30 million won, and there is no choice but to pay about 12 million won.

If the business is suspended, the damage will be greater, so we have no choice but to comply with their demands (this was the situation.)] We

used products that were difficult to check expiration dates due to slow turnover as a means of crime.

Seven people, including 27-year-old Mo Kim, ran around 22 food marts in Daejeon, Chungnam, and Jeonbuk from 2018 to April, threatening the owner with the same method and extorting 31 million won.

They mainly asked for cash rather than a bankbook transfer, and in some cases, they asked for 8 million won at a time, saying that two or three people ate together.

The police arrested the main culprit, Mr. Kim, and booked the remaining six people without detention for investigation.

(Video coverage: Kim Il-won TJB, Kim Yong-tae TJB)