Two years ago in Seoul, there was a sudden collapse of a building on the side of the road like the Gwangju accident.

Construction officials at the time, who neglected safety to save money, were handed over to trial and sentenced to imprisonment.

We obtained the judgment at the time and looked into what the problem was and what caused the accident.

Correspondent Choi Seong-gil.


Dust rises from the screen at the construction site, and telegraph poles and building debris collapse onto the road.

Fireworks explode like fireworks from the shocked telephone pole, and people in the car rush out.

In July 2019, a building that was being dismantled collapsed, killing one person and injuring three others in an accident in Jamwon-dong, Seoul.

Similar to the Gwangju accident, a five-story building that was being demolished collapsed toward the road.

Construction officials were punished, such as being sentenced to two years in prison, and the foreman of the site was punished.

First, even though the 4th and 5th floors were not completely demolished, excavators worked on the lower floors, increasing the risk of collapse due to the load on the upper floors of the building.

This was to speed up construction and save money.

A collapse hazard was detected before it collapsed, but no safety measures were taken, such as immediately stopping work and blocking traffic.

The pile of dirt that the excavator would climb was also piled up behind the building rather than on the road side, increasing the risk of accidents.

These problems are similar to those of the Gwangju collapse.

It is also stated in the judgment that the supervisor who should supervise the site did not fulfill its responsibilities.

After the Jamwon-dong accident, the government strengthened related regulations, such as changing the demolition work of buildings with four or more floors from a report system to a permit system.

However, the insensitivity to safety in the field remained, and the tragic talent was repeated.

(Video coverage: Kim Nam-seong, video editing: Jeon Min-gyu, CG: Lee Jae-yoon·Kim Jeong-eun) 

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