In a trial filed by former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol to cancel the two-month suspension of the two-month suspension he received as Minister of Justice Chu Mi-ae, Shim Jae-cheol, Chief Prosecutor of Seoul Southern District, and Lee Jung-hyeon, Chief of Public Investigation at the Supreme Prosecutors' Office, were selected as witnesses.

The 12th Administrative Division of the Seoul Administrative Court adopted Shim and Lee as witnesses on the first day of preparation for pleadings in an administrative litigation requesting the cancellation of a disciplinary action against the Minister of Justice by the former president of the Seoul Administrative Court.

Yoon's side claimed that there was no reason for disciplinary action by the Ministry of Justice and applied for Prosecutor Shim and Director Lee as witnesses to support this.

Prosecutor Shim, who served as the head of the Anti-Corruption and Violence Department at the Supreme Prosecutors' Office at the time in February of last year when the so-called 'Inspection of the Tribunal' was drafted, submitted a statement to the Prosecutor's Disciplinary Committee against former President Yoon, claiming that he was opposed to distributing the inspection documents.

Director Lee served as the first deputy chief prosecutor of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office last year when the investigation of the 'Channel A attempted coercion case' was being investigated.

The Ministry of Justice raised six charges against Yoon at the time, and in December of the same year, the Prosecutor's Disciplinary Committee prepared and distributed documents on allegations of inspection by the judges in major cases, interfered with the inspection of the Channel A case, interfered with the investigation related to the Channel A case, and damaged political neutrality was found guilty of four charges, and was punished by exclusion from duty and suspension of two months.

However, former President Yoon applied to the court for suspension of execution for the exclusion of duties and disciplinary action, and received a decision to cite all of them, and subsequently filed an administrative lawsuit to cancel the disciplinary action.

(Photo = Yonhap News)