The US arm of meat processing company JBS has paid a ransom of 11 million euros after a cyber attack that shut down a significant part of the US meat processing industry in early June.

That says CEO Andre Nogueira of the Brazilian company in a statement on Wednesday.

"This was a very difficult decision to make for our company and for me personally," Nogueira said of the ransom.

"However, we felt that this decision should be made to avoid potential risks to our customers."

Due to the cyber attack, the American slaughterhouses were shut down for several days and meat processing plants in Australia also came to a standstill.

The ransomware attack is likely to come from a criminal organization operating from Russia.

According to

The Wall Street Journal

, the hackers were paid with the cryptocurrency bitcoin.

The hacking attack came not long after a major cyber attack against the American Colonial Pipeline.

The hack caused a major oil pipeline to be temporarily shut down, causing shortages of petrol at gas stations and soaring fuel prices.

Russian hackers are also suspected here.

Several million dollars in ransom from the oil pipeline hack has since been recovered by the US Department of Justice.

The ministry will give investigations into ransomware attacks a similar priority to terrorism, a spokesperson said last week.