Two young girls aged 9 and 10 saved their mother from a severe asthma attack on Monday, reports L'Est Républicain.

The scene took place at the end of the afternoon with a family from Toul, in Meurthe-et-Moselle.

Having a seizure, the victim lay down on his bed with his oxygen mask, before falling out and painfully warning his daughters.

The two children then rushed, called the fire department and followed their advice.

Placing in a lateral safety position (PLS), monitoring of breathing and heart rate ... Fainted, the mother regained consciousness just before the arrival of help and understood well to whom she owed her life.

"If my two daughters hadn't made the right first moves, or known how to dial the right numbers to call for help, maybe at this hour, I would still be lying like that on the floor in my room. days after fainting… ”she told the regional daily.


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