There won't be a new console this year at E3 - except maybe a Switch Pro ahead of the show - but expect a flood of announcements from publishers.

A deluge of announcements at Nintendo

The Japanese giant could announce alongside E3 a Switch Pro, equipped with an OLED screen and capable of displaying images in 4K. A notable gain in comfort which should not however change its strategy. Do not expect masses of titles from third-party publishers. The best-selling games on Switch are Nintendo productions. And this year again, Big N will have a nice line-up to present. The rumor is about a new

Mario Party

, a new

Donkey Kong

and a new




What's interesting is that in addition to its 40-minute keynote, Nintendo will be holding a special three-hour event this year during which it will present some of its games in detail with gameplay footage.

Logic would have it that the announcements follow one another during the Direct and that Nintendo finally lifts the veil on certain games already announced such as the new


, the new


, the sequel to

Zelda: Breath of the Wild


Bayonetta 3

during this event.

As usual, we can also expect around twenty announcements from third-party publishers and independent studios concerning ports to the Nintendo console.

The meeting is set for June 15, at 6 p.m.

Bandai Namco: Elden Ring headlining

The publisher Bandai Namco should present its line-up of novelties at E3. New trailers are expected for

Scarlet Nexus


The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes

and the new

Tales of

. Potentially, to one or the other classified ad. There hasn't been a

Dragon Ball


Naruto game

in a while and it wouldn't be surprising if the publisher presented us with a new fighting game at the show. But the title that everyone will watch will undoubtedly be

Elden Ring

, the new game from

From Software (Dark Souls)

, which espouses an open-world formula.

We expect a full demo.

However, one question remains unanswered: will the title be presented during the publisher's keynote or during the Microsoft event?

The appointment is set for June 15.

Microsoft x Bethesda: major announcements expected

This year, Xbox could well steal the show with its armada of very large licenses.

Microsoft is making a strong comeback in the world of gaming.

The American giant bought the publisher Bethesda for more than 7.5 billion dollars.

Five major titles should be presented during the keynote on June 13. We of course expect to see more Halo Infinite, the reboot of the franchise. The rumor also evokes the announcement and presentation of a new

Forza Horizon

, this time based in Mexico. At least one other major title already announced should be presented in more detail. The possibilities are numerous here: 





State of Decay 3


Perfect Dark

or even

Hellblade 2

. In addition to this trio of shock, we also expect at least two big announcements.

The first could concern the new project of The Coalition, the studio behind the last episodes of the

Gears of War


. Rumor has it The Coalition is working on a new license. This could be present at the show.

The second concerns a collaboration with a third-party studio. Like its rival Sony, Microsoft is buying exclusives from third-party studios to strengthen its catalog. The rumor recently evoked a collaboration with IO Interactive. However, it is unlikely that this title will be revealed so soon. Last year, Microsoft presented

The Medium


Flight Simulator

or even

Warhammer 40,000



. We expect a few more announcements of this type at the event again, potentially with one or the other big surprise.

The real unknown concerns Bethesda.

The publisher is working on the next installment of the

Elder Scrolls


, its


space RPG

, a new


, a game based on the

Indiana Jones





Ghostwire Tokyo

, but it is not impossible that several new games will be presented. during the show.

We also expect

news from


, still in beta, new content for

Sea of ​​Thieves

and an announcement of a release date for

Flight Simulator

on Xbox.

The Gamepass should also welcome its share of new games announced by third-party publishers.

The meeting is set for June 13, at 7 p.m.

Square-Enix: very mysterious announcements

Among the third-party publishers to keep an eye on at the event, Square-Enix is ​​undoubtedly at the top of the list of those who might surprise us.

Part of the publisher's catalog is already known.

We know that he should present a new trailer for the next

Life is Strange at the show


We also know that the publisher is betting very big on its

Final Fantasy


 : expect something new from

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker


Final Fantasy XVI

, and potentially a third complementary game: your choice is an action-RPG from the Team Ninja or the second part of the

Final Fantasy VII



The rest of the line-up promises to be much more surprising.

We expect to learn more about the very mysterious

Babylon's Fall

, presented briefly a year ago.

Square-Enix should also lift the veil on the new project of Eidos Montreal, the studio behind



Deus Ex


Shadow of the Tomb Raider


Marvel's Avengers


The appointment is set for June 13, at 9.15 p.m.

And all the others…

Electronic Arts will be holding a special event on July 22, where it is expected to showcase its new



Madden NFL



. Logically, several other titles should also be present, among which

Battlefield 6

and perhaps also a new single-player

Star Wars



Warner Bros. will organize its first keynote at E3 this year. The publisher should present its entire catalog of new games, including

Back 4 Blood


Hogwarts Legacy


Suicide Squad


Gotham Knights

. We also don't rule out a little surprise from the creators of

Mortal Kombat

- potentially, an

Injustice 3

. The event is set for June 13.

Ubisoft will reveal more about its games already announced with

Far Cry 6


Prince of Persia


Rainbow Six Quarantine

. Some small surprises cannot be ruled out with the presentation of the next game from Massive Games, based on the



, and most certainly a new add-on for

Assassin's Creed Valhalla

. No big announcement, however, a priori. The event is set for June 12 at 9 p.m.

Koch Media could surprise with some nice announcements.

The publisher is not used to being talked about a lot at E3 but its release schedule is light and we know that an impressive number of games should be published by Koch in 2021 / 2022. He does not It is not impossible that a new

Metro will

be unveiled.

We expect something new from THQ Nordic with potentially the presentation of a new

Red Faction

or a new

Time Splitters


If there's one publisher that can surprise you this year, it's Koch Media.

His conference will be held on June 11.


  • Gearbox (


    ) should present a new license

  • Activision, Capcom, SEGA, Amazon, 2K Games will not organize a keynote but will present at least one title during the event

  • Sony has no plans to hold a keynote this year, but at least one PS5 game is slated to premiere on June 10 during Summer Game Fest.


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