Let's focus on why this disaster happened.

As the law changed last year, it is now necessary to submit a decommissioning plan when demolishing a building larger than a certain size.

At the site of the accident, the demolition company made a plan to demolish the building from the top floor to the bottom one after the other to prevent the building from collapsing, but the actual work was done differently, one by one, circumstances are being revealed.

Correspondent Han So-hee.


This is a picture of the demolition scene before the accident.

The excavator is in full swing on the pile of dirt piled up to the third floor of the building, and it is breaking down from the lower floor.

However, in the dismantling plan issued by the demolition company in Gwangju Dong-gu Office, it is the exact opposite.

It is written that the top floors, the 5th to 3rd floors, will be demolished with heavy equipment, and the 1st and 2nd floors will be demolished after the soil is removed.

[Park Jong-sun / Representative of a nearby demolition company: You shouldn't have touched this building when you touched it.

(Quickly demolished) To save money.] The

photo the day before the collapse

showed that

the upper floors from the 3rd to 5th floors were demolished at once.

First, when the lower floors were partially demolished and the structure weakened, the upper floors were torn down at once, raising the possibility that the center of gravity was tilted to one side and collapsed due to the impact.

[Johyeongi / Gwangju Dong Construction manager: it is estimated that watching videos did doejin look demolition as submitted (demolition) plan several contexts]

companies are like that build the waste material and silt up the bucket over it did proceed with construction, Neighbors say they were uneasy about the work from the lower floors.

There were no supervisory personnel on the site on the day of the accident, and even after feeling the signs of anomaly, the company only blocked sidewalk traffic and did not control the road.

Nearby residents are regretting that a major disaster could have been prevented if only the bus stop in front of the building had been moved before the demolition work.

(Video coverage: Kim Yong-woo, video editing: So Ji-hye, CG: Seo Seung-hyun)



Then, we will connect with reporter Han So-hee, who is covering Gwangju, for more details.

Reporter Sohee Han, the five-story building collapsed, so it will take quite some time to clean up the site.


Yes, all the debris on the road has been cleaned up, but piles of dirt and concrete are piled up and tangled at the site of the accident.

Today (10th), along with on-site forensics, the task of finding additional buried people was continued, but all of them are now finished.

The six-lane round-trip road was completely controlled immediately after the accident, but now all traffic has resumed except for this one lane, which is in contact with the accident site.


We got the dismantling plan for the collapsed building this time. What specifically does it contain?


Yes, the 25-page dismantling plan we obtained contains detailed dismantling plans and work methods.

First, according to the plan, after dismantling up to the 3rd floor is completed, the equipment is moved to the ground so that the 1st and 2nd floors can be dismantled.

Basically, it is said that the demolition work will start from the side wall of the building, but it seems that the core of the police investigation will be whether the demolition plan was written properly and whether the work was carried out according to the plan.