Even if travel to a foreign country that was not possible even if they wanted to go will be possible from next month, tourists can only go to a pre-determined place. Also, young children who have not been vaccinated cannot travel with them.

If you have any questions, reporter Kim Yong-tae will answer them in detail.

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overseas group travelers, the travel agency manages the list and route.

When the travel bubble is enforced, travel agencies must also check the vaccination certificate.

The plan is to allow group tours first because travel agencies and the government can cross-verify them.

[Yoon Tae-ho/Head of the Central Accident Management Headquarters Prevention Division: If a travel agency is caught not following the quarantine rules, the approval of this tourism product will be revoked.]

However, whether a separate quarantine manager should be installed, a guide should be installed, and the number of travelers should be increased It has not been decided how many people will be allowed.

Travelers who have entered the country with a travel bubble cannot go anywhere other than the places they have reported in advance.

The same is true for residents.

This means that you should not visit a relative's house in Jongno-gu after coming to Gwanghwamun, Seoul.

Children who are not vaccinated and cannot be issued a certificate are not allowed.

If the vaccines licensed by us and the other country are different, additional consultation is necessary. In Guam, the US government said that Pfizer, Moderna, and Janssen, as well as those vaccinated against AstraZeneca, expressed their intention to exempt from self-quarantine.

The biggest variables are the rate of vaccination and the spread of the corona virus.

The situation of the other country must also be considered.

[Kim Hong-rak/Director of International Aviation Division, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport: In the case of Taiwan, the current (corona) situation is not good, so please understand that it is time to have a little active discussion.]

Australia, New Zealand, and Taiwan, which started in April The travel bubble between Palau was also suspended in the aftermath of the spread of Corona.

Individual free travel, which is highly preferred, is expected to be promoted in earnest only when a vaccine passport is prepared, but the first task is to create an internationally integrated vaccine passport system that cannot be duplicated.

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