Due to a checkout malfunction, 75 Albert Heijn stores in the Netherlands are unable to pass on the bonus discount of the groceries in the price.

All problems will be solved on Monday afternoon, a spokesperson for the supermarket chain told NU.nl.

Although it is possible to pay in every store, it is not possible to include the bonus offers in 75 branches.

"The error occurs at one or more cash registers in those stores," the spokesperson said.

"The cash registers with problems will be updated in the course of the afternoon."

The errors occur at both self-scan cash registers and at the other cash registers.

The outage has been partially resolved, but it could take the rest of the afternoon before all cash registers start implementing bonus offers again.

The problem arose after the tills were updated.

In 75 of the thousand Albert Heijn stores, that update did not go through and it has to be done manually.

It is unknown what causes this.

People who miss out on a discount due to the malfunction should inquire in the store on the spot how it will be resolved. There are no known problems with online orders.