The law firm that acted as the legal representative of the late Son Jung-min's friend, A, has decided to sue a large number of YouTubers and netizens who post or distribute unconfirmed information about Mr. A and his family.

One & Partners, a law firm, issued a statement today (the 4th) and said, "Based on tens of thousands of data collected through self-verification and information after consulting with Mr. A and his family, YouTube operators, bloggers, cafes, community operators, post writers, malicious commenters, etc. We have decided to respond to everyone on a zero-tolerance principle.”

One & Partners said, "Even though I have been asked to stop illegal activities several times over the past few times, only a few have responded, and the posts are not being deleted, but rather increasing." "Some of the content is beyond the bearable limit and the damage and suffering of Mr. A and his family. is getting worse,” he said.

According to the law firm, all illegal acts such as spreading false facts about Mr. A, his family, and people around him, raising suspicions that are groundless or speculative, disclosing personal information such as names, and defamation, insults, and threats are the subject of complaints.

He added, "If you wish for mercy or do not wish to be sued, please delete the post or comment and inform us of your wish for mercy and contact information by e-mail ( along with photos before and after deletion, and we will take action accordingly." "Those who have already deleted it may be sued based on the data before the deletion, so please contact us."

One & Partners representative lawyer Jeong Hospital of One & Partners said, "First of all, on the 7th, we decided to sue YouTubers 'Paper TV', 'God's Move', and 'Reporter Kim Woong', and the complaint will be filed at the Seocho Police Station in Seoul. I don't know how much this will be, but if there is none, at least tens of thousands of people will have to sue."

Earlier, on the 1st, One & Partners sued Seocho Seo, a YouTuber 'Jikseok TV', claiming that lawyer Jung was a brother of an SBS reporter and broadcast friendly content to Mr. A on the SBS program 'I want to know'.

The YouTuber changed the channel name after being sued and re-uploaded a video claiming a similar purpose.

(Photo = Captured from One & Partners blog, Yonhap News)