Game developer SEGA has announced a new

Sonic The Hedgehog


This will be made by the same team that worked on

Sonic Generations


Sonic Forces,

SEGA reports in a live stream on Thursday.

Exactly when the game will be released is not yet known.

It is also not yet clear on which platforms it will appear.

In addition to announcing the new


game, the game developer has presented even more. For example, on September 7,

Sonic Colors: Ultimate will be

released, a new version of the game

Sonic Colors

from 2010. The remaster will be released for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and both versions of Xbox One. SEGA is also working on a collection of the first three



Sonic & Knuckles


Sonic CD

, called

Sonic Origins



No release date has yet been announced for the collection.

The livestream was held to mark the 30th birthday of the blue hedgehog. The very first game

, Sonic the Hedgehog

, was released on June 23, 1991 for the SEGA Mega Drive.