• Poco M3 Pro gadgets: Xiaomi blows prices with a 5G mobile for 180 euros

  • Xiaomi gadgets surprises with a watch with 16 days of battery and a bargain price

They go out of their way to look like Airpods Pro but sell for less than 5% of what Apple's headsets are worth.

The bet is simple:

almost identical design bargain price: 10 euros


Go ahead to compare the

Airpods Pro

(which are worth 279 euros and if you are lucky you can buy them for 200) or the


to dry

(which are worth about 180 euros and if you are lucky you can buy them for about 120) with headphones 10 euros of the super does not make much sense.

However, at first glance,

the Aldi's headphones are a promising product


with an important but)


Synchronization with Bluetooth was good.

When I put them on my ears, I saw that they were comfortable headphones but with a firm grip.

They adapt well to the folds of the ears

and this helps to prevent them from falling out.

As a point to improve,

the rubber band could be made of a slightly softer material

, although this is not a big problem because it is not even uncomfortable or you can change it for a pair of old helmets that you have at home.

Anyway, I never got to do it because I thought: "total, if they are worth 10 euros."

And that was the thought that went through my head when trying them during the first days.

For 10 euros they were wonderful

: battle but comfortable,

with a very good volume and isolation from the outside

, as I could see listening to music, virtual classes and podcast while running with them through tumultuous streets or next to a train track.

At the time of sending and receiving calls I was also quite happy (my interlocutors not so much, it must be said).

His voice was loud and clear, even in places with a lot of ambient noise

. However, they told me that sometimes I heard a sound

like "a brief coupling"

or even

my footsteps when walking through a park

with sand. However, in general, they told me that I was heard loud, clear and without hum and I could hear them perfectly (better even than with other models of clearer headphones).

The truth is that these headphones convinced me so much that

I decided to replace others that I carried in my pocket on a regular basis

: they did their job and, since they are so cheap, the idea of ​​losing them was not disturbing to me, unlike my normal headphones. which are worth 80 euros.

My big problem with the ALDI headphones

Unfortunately, my love affair with these


headphones was


after the first charge, they never worked again


The battery was simply not recharged and there my love affair ended.

Probably my problem with the load was due to bad luck or that some component of its box (which is the one you put them in to load and transport them) was

not well welded


However, I am still a

strong advocate of using cheap headphones

for day to day (to use them in daily trips on the train, doing sports or walking down the street) because, although there are wonderful products for mid-range and high-end ( from 100 euros) the hubbub of sports, commuting and the everyday noises of life in general

do not allow you to appreciate the difference in price

as it deserves.

Cheap and best headphones

If you want to buy a wireless bluetooth headset without spending too much, there are alternatives that for not much more money offer a much higher quality.

Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic 2 - 15.61 euros

Why spend 10 euros for headphones from a brand that nobody knows if you can spend only 5 euros more and take some that are universally known?

Well that.

They cost only 15.61 euros.

Homscam Bluetooth 5.0 headphones - 19.98 euros

In the price range that we handle, not all brands have such cheap products;

but that does not mean that those that exist are bad in themselves.

These give a very acceptable performance for what little they cost: only 19.98 euros.

Mi True Wireless Headphones Air 2S Noise Canceling - 49.99 euros

Xiaomi are the kings of budget headphones.

In this case, we bet on a slightly better one that, although they go up in price, have soundproofing technology and a longer battery life.

Reduced to 49.99 euros

Gorsun sports bluetooth headphones - 24.99 euros

If you're not a fan of headphones that are so small and that they can fall, you have the wireless alternative that, however, carries a strap with the battery and to wear around your neck while you beat yourself in the gym.

Its price is 24.99 euros.

Bluetooth 5.0 headphones with touch control - 17.99 euros

They have Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which consumes less battery and has fewer connection losses;

and touch sensors to be able to change songs or stop the music.

They cost 17.99 euros.

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