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"Guilty pleasure".

This is the translation that is most deeply rooted in our country (the other is "sweet sin") to define

guilty pleasure

, an expression that designates "something, such as a movie, a television program or a piece of music, that

is he enjoys despite considering that, in general, he is not held in high esteem,

"according to the Oxford dictionary.

This is a selection of five guilty pleasures: fictions that may be far from the awards and praise of the critics, but that provide hours of escape and enjoyment.

Mr. Bean (Amazon Prime Video)

The series that would launch

Rowan Atkinson


fame at

the beginning of the 90s maintains its pull in our country.

As shown, its inclusion among the most watched on the platform



Jeff Bezos

week after week.

The plot of his humorous pieces is as simple as it is timeless: Mr. Bean is very clumsy.

He is an adult, but even the simplest task is challenging for him ... but he always finds a clever way out of the trouble he gets into.

The Amazon Prime Video subscription is available here.

Criminal Minds (Disney +)

In 2020, the CBS series

Criminal Minds

came to an end.

He did so after 15 seasons in which he meticulously developed the performance of members of the FBI's Behavior Analysis Unit team.

In his episodes it is easy to find multiple familiar faces, such as

Joe Mantegna

(Joey Zasa in

The Godfather III


Paget Brewster

(who was Kathy, Joey and Chandler's girlfriend in


) or

Matthew Gray Gubler

(Nico in

Life aquatic


But the end of production has been fleeting: Paramount and CBS are already preparing their revival.

You can subscribe to Disney + by clicking here.

The Flash (HBO)

Seven seasons (and an eighth already announced) confirm that the bet of

Greg Berlanti


Geoff Johns


Andrew Kreisberg

to dedicate a television series to the scarlet speedster of DC Comics was a success.

Gone was the failed attempt of the 90s, when The Simpsons annihilated the production starring

John Wesley Shipp

, who is recovered in this production.

He is the father of the protagonist, Barry Allen, played by the charismatic

Grant Gustin

, joined to the role since he appeared in


, his



and the center of a whole universe of series, known as



To try HBO Spain for free for seven days you have to enter here.

Luis Miguel (Netflix)

The singer

Luis Miguel's

career was

not going through its best moment: canceled tours, unfinished records, financial problems ... Problems knocked on his door, but salvation came unexpectedly: thanks to a biographical series.

The fiction of Netflix and Telemundo, focused on the adversities suffered by the Mexican since he took his first artistic steps, has been an international success.

Characters such as

Luisito Rey

(masterfully played by

Óscar Jaenada

) have quickly passed into the popular imagination.

His second season, with the search for his mother and her hearing problems in the foreground, has been equally well received.

Lie to me (Disney +)

The series protragonized by

Tim Roth

, who gave life to Dr. Cal Lightman, a psychiatrist expert in lies inspired by the psychologist

Paul Ekman

, pioneer in the study of the connections between emotional states and expressions,

had no luck


Canceled by Fox in 2011, its creator

Samuel Baum

had two more seasons planned.

A product ahead of his time, his constant comparison with


(a protagonist as charismatic and brilliant as he borders on his friends) weighed down his start, while the power struggle behind the cameras precipitated his end.

To subscribe to Disney + you can access from here.

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