Another incident occurred when a drunk passenger assaulted a taxi driver.

The assault continued for more than 10 minutes in the taxi I was running, and the shield installed on the driver's seat was useless.

KBC reporter Minji Shin reports.

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passenger in the back seat attempts physical contact with a driving taxi driver.

The startled driver turns on the interior light and tries to dry, but the passenger does not stop.

[Taxi driver: Put this.

Now this is all recorded and recorded.

Why are you?] The

harassment started again after a while.

When the taxi driver shakes his hand, the excited passenger breaks the driver's seat and throws it, then begins to swing his fist.

On the morning of the 23rd, a drunk passenger in his 50s assaulted a driver in a taxi running along Bitgoeul-daero in Gwangju.

The assault continued throughout the 15-minute drive from Yangsan-dong, Buk-gu, where taxi service started, to the city hall area through the car-only road.

The driver had to close his fist with one hand and even drive and report the police.

[Mr. Ko Mo / Victim Taxi Driver: If I said that I was a little nervous, it would have led to a death accident and a lot of third victims. Luckily there, it's good to just stop (assault).]

Mr. Ko suffered injuries to his eyes and arm, complaining of trauma.

The police plan to investigate the passenger for allegations of driver assault and obstruction of public affairs under the Certain Crimes Weighted Penalty Act.

(Video coverage: Kim Young-hui KBC)