Audio company Bose has informed its current and former employees of a data breach, in which their data has been leaked.

This is evident from a report that Bose made to the US Department of Justice.

In March, the company was attacked with ransomware.

In such attacks, computers are locked and remain locked until a ransom is paid.

Hackers gained access to the data of an unknown number of current and former employees through malicious software.

"Our investigation shows that a small number of people were affected by the attack," Bose told

Bleeping Computer


"We informed them immediately."

Their names, social security numbers and salary details were visible.

It is not clear whether the information was actually stolen.

According to Bose, security experts were immediately hired to restore the affected systems.

"We have not paid a ransom," said the spokesman.

"The systems were quickly restored."

Bose says it has taken several measures to ward off attacks.

For example, the company has improved the protection of the systems and changed passwords.