US President Joe Biden takes longer to make a decision on the blacklist of Chinese companies.

American companies are currently not allowed to invest in it.

The president is expected to make a decision two weeks later than planned, the US Treasury Department reports.

Previously, the deadline was set on May 27.

The Biden administration is currently examining a number of aspects of US policy for China, including the investment ban.

Technology group Huawei, payment app Alipay from Ant Group and the largest chip manufacturer in China SMIC, among others, are on the blacklist.

Smartphone maker Xiaomi filed a lawsuit, after which the US Department of Defense decided to take the company off again.

But there are dozens of other Chinese companies on it.

The list is a legacy of the Trump administration, which banned investments in certain Chinese companies that Americans believe have ties to the Chinese military.

The United States has long accused Chinese companies of passing on sensitive information to the government.