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passenger in his 20s in a taxi struck a weapon while driving, killing a driver in his 60s. This passenger tried to run away after the crime, but was arrested by a nearby citizen and caught by the police.

Reporter Jeong Ban-seok reports.

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taxi is stopped, hitting a street tree in the back.

In India next door, 119 paramedics take a taxi driver out of the car and perform CPR.

The taxi driver was taken to a hospital, but he died.

Last (14th) at about 9:50 pm, A, a male passenger in her 20s, sitting in the back seat of a taxi on a road in Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, swung a weapon several times at a taxi driver in her 60s.

Mr. A tried to run away when the taxi driver fell conscious and fell, but a citizen who witnessed the scene blocked the door and was arrested by the police.

[Site sighting citizen: (the suspect) was hiding behind the driver, crouching on the floor. I was opening the door to run away, but I kicked it so I couldn't come out, and I blocked the door.]

A is said to have admitted to the charges in the police investigation, but was gossiping about the motive of the crime.

The police have secured a taxi black box and are investigating the reason why an Incheon local taxi came to Seongnam and why Mr. A took a taxi with a weapon.

Unlike buses, most taxis do not have safety barriers to protect drivers, and some point out that it would have been difficult to respond to unexpected situations.

A bill that the government and local governments support for the cost of installing taxi safety barriers was introduced last year and is currently pending in the National Assembly.

The police are planning to apply for an arrest warrant for Mr. A later today.

(Video coverage: Nam Nam Kim·Hyunsang Kim, Video editing: Player Park)