The hearing of the alleged perpetrator of a double murder in the Cévennes, who went to the gendarmes on Friday evening, deputed on Saturday.

The man expresses himself "in a coherent way", according to the prosecutor of Nîmes.

This hearing must make it possible in particular to clarify his motivations and to determine whether his act was premeditated.

The hearing of the alleged perpetrator of the double murder in the Cévennes began Saturday, and should continue until Sunday, said the Nîmes prosecutor.

Valentin Marcone, 29, fled Tuesday in the Cévennes forest after killing his boss and one of his colleagues in the sawmill where he worked, in the village of Plantiers, in the Gard.

He finally surrendered to the gendarmes on Friday.

Determine premeditation

According to the prosecutor, the suspect expresses himself "in a coherent way".

He had already been briefly interviewed at the time of his surrender, after his placement in police custody.

But "weakened and haggard", hungry and very tired, he had been seen by a doctor, who had confirmed that his condition was compatible with police custody, and "we agreed to let him rest before questioning him. new, "said the magistrate. 

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Meanwhile, the suspect's computer hardware and cell phone have been under scrutiny for several days by investigators, who are trying to determine why he committed the two murders and whether they were premeditated.

Tuesday, it is indeed following a simple remark from his boss, to whom he would not have said hello, that he would have pulled out a pistol and fired, shooting him then one of his colleagues with several bullets. in the head.

Valentin Marcone should at the end of this custody be presented to an examining magistrate and indicted for these two murders.